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Welcome to SPEP - Initial Thoughts

While working at a chemical plant as a plant (mechanical/metallurgical) engineer, I've spent numerous hours researching data to perform my job.  I have amassed numerous articles, technical brochures, and have book-marked pages upon pages of everyday useful charts and tables.  Back in 2004 I created SMPES and left the everyday chemical plant setting; however, I still use many of these same articles for my continuing work in the chemical and petrochemical industry.


While working at the chemical plant I've always thought how much easier my job would be if everthing was right at my fingertips.  So, I instilled SPEP (Saba's Plant Engineering Page).  Unfortunately, up to this point I have not been able to spend much time putting the content into this site.  I hope everyone forgives me, but its rather time consuming getting a company up and running, and at the same time working towards a doctorate degree.  The company definitely has its feet on firm ground and some free time has cleared up to continue back on SPEP, although I am still working on the doctorate.


As I have started putting links to the articles I've found into SPEP, I have found that many of these links are non-existent.  For instance, I have a great printout for Inconel 601 from HP Alloys.  It is 17 pages long with great materials, corrosion, welding, etc. property tables.  I searched the link and it does not exist.  HP Alloys only a 1-2 page write up about the alloy now, with really no useful property tables.  I've searched the internet looking for a similar website showing this data, but I could not find one with the data that I had in my saved article.  So this puts me at a cross-road as to how to get this data into this site.  I have started manually entering this data, but this is a slow process and I need to be cautious about copywrite issues.  Please bookmark this site and check back for added content as I will be dedicated to conintually adding useful data to assist your everyday needs.


This page will also have original content articles and will be highlighted in this section of the page.  Articles will cover topics such as stress linearization, limit load and plastic collapse evaluation techniques, FEA design techniques of lifting lugs, fatigue evaluations with changing principal stress directions, various Level III Fitness-For-Service/FEA topics, changes in the lastest edition of ASME VIII Div. 2 in respects to FEA evaluations, and many more.  First up will be the article FEA and Stress Linearization.


Brent Saba, PE-ME/MT

Owner-Principal Engineer