McNally Institute   ANSI Pump Dimensions (inches)
    ANSI Pump Dimensions (metric)
    Bearing Fit Tolerance Chart
    C/R Lip Seal Life Chart
    Carbon Grade Physicals
    Glossary of Pump and Seal Terms
    ANSI Pumps
    Closed Impeller , End Suction, Centrifugal Pump
    Relationship Between Head Capacity, Horsepower, and Efficiency
    Seal Face Flatness Readings
    Vapor Pressure-Various Liquids (-60 to 240F)
  Vapor Pressure-Various Liquids (-180 to 60F)
  Viscosity Corrections for Centrifugal Pumps
Properties of Water
Rotating Equipment
Acoustic Emission Testing-Ammonia Tank Monitoring

Keeping Their Cool-Journal Bearings

(Typical Temperature and PV Limits for Common Bearing Materials)

(Operating Temperature Limits of Common Lubricating Oils)


Care and Maintenance of Bearings

Troubleshooting (p. 6)

Selection Guide for Lubrication Oil Viscosity (p.8)

Bearing Types and Common Failures


US Army Bearing Guide  
Troubleshooting Ball Bearings